Hello! Thanks for stopping by my tumblr!

Facts about me:

- My name is Jen.

- I went to college. For stuff. And I finished! \o/

- I have two other blogs - A Study in Boba (for my ramblings on tea drinks) and Polka Dotted Cats (for my ramblings on clothes)

- I don’t have a favorite member of Arashi because I can’t choose. :|

- My favorite pairing, however, is Ohmiya.

Facts about this blog:

- There is a music player at the bottom now! Yay! \o/ You have to press play to start it, though, but it’s all nice relaxing orchestral/piano stuff, so I highly recommend doing so. :)

- Most of the GIFs I post are made by me (they have a vsarashi@tumblr watermark). They are all tagged “gif-ness" (the tag "gif" is for the ones I reblog).

- I post/reblog stuff that’s relevant to me

- Fandoms include but are not limited to: Arashi, Harry Potter, Sherlock (BBC), The Avengers (and their actors), Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, J- and K-dramas, Disney, Maru the cat, Pokke the cat, Rilakkuma, and food.

- The image on my sidebar is Pokke. My icon on the Dashboard is what I got when I Googled “derp cat.” 

- There are (and will definitely continue to be) personal posts about random things in my life.

- I don’t do automatic follow-backs, sorry! :( But I love to find out more about people, so send me questions or intros and I’ll probably eventually end up following you, haha.

- I am open to all and any questions you may have! :) My ask box is there for you, and I’d love to know how you found my page.

Thanks again for reading, and I hope you enjoy your exploration of this tumblr! :)

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