Oh my gosh

I just had such an embarrassing music nerd moment - I was trying to set up Facetime, and one of the options is to change the ringtone sound, so I was just clicking my way through, and one of them is labeled “Tri-tone.”

And I thought, “Oh, I wonder which notes they picked to make that tritone/augmented 4th/diminished 5th!”

But of course, what Apple means by tri-tone is three tones. So it only went D - A - D (octave higher).

And I totally was ashamed that I was expecting like, the Simpsons opening or the beginning of “Maria” kind of tritone instead.

  1. staylorellis said: #1. I had the same expectation. #2. I use this tone for text alerts because Sherlock uses it.
  2. vsarashi posted this

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