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Rurouni Kenshin Official Trailer

All right, Tumblist… discuss.

AHHHHHH okay well

Takeru wasn’t originally my choice for Kenshin (I pictured someone a little older, but I didn’t actually have an ideal actor in mind), but he looks surprisingly suitable in the trailer. I’d like to hear what he’ll sound like in his speech; it looks like he’ll at least kick butt in the action part of it! But approaching this with cautious optimism, yesssss. RuroKen was one of my first manga ever!! All of these ~feels~, what do I do. (I do hope they’ll keep in the comedic aspects, though; I feel that’s what made the switch to Battousai Kenshin so much more powerful and, might I even say, seductive. Hard to tell in such a short trailer where all the emphasis is on “OOOOH LOOK AT THE BLOOD AND SWORDS AND THE FIGHTING and here we’ll show everyone’s face who’s a main character OKAY TITLE CARD, but yeah.)

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